Sustainability Is What We Strive For


We are doing all we can to keep our environmental impact to a minimum when producing your work. Here are some of the positives that we are doing to try and make a difference.


  • We recycle all our ink cartridges
  • We reuse boxes and packaging to send orders
  • We donate off-cuts of carboard and paper to local schools
  • We recycle other materials to make new products.
  • We process as much as we can digitally to avoid unnecessary paper usage
  • Production

  • We utilize the worlds most Eco-Friendly printing equipment made by HP
  • We use the worlds most environmentally friendly inks
  • Prints are wrapped in recycled paper
  • Canvases and framed prints are wrapped using bio-degradable bubble wrap
  • We offer unrestricted local pickup to avoid shipping
  • Energy

  • We keep our power usage to a minimum, turning on machines only when needed.
  • We open doors and windows to keep cool
  • We use manual cutting equipment over powered
  • We use solar power throughout the day