A stretched canvas has the image printed and stretched around a solid wooden frame and is ready to hang on your wall, whereas a rolled canvas will require you to arrange to have a frame made and the canvas stretched around it. As I offer free delivery Australia wide, unless you are travelling internationally then a stretched canvas will be the more cost effective option.

It will eventually, but not in your lifetime! The archival life of inks and canvases is around 150 years for indoor use. Outdoors in sunlight they should go to around 5 years. Most people have their canvases indoors, there are better products for outdoor.

Profile frames are becoming more popular for canvases. Although canvas prints can look great without any framing and it's pretty much how the majority of people will hang them, a profile frame can add a little more "wow" to it.

It's an "L" shaped moulding that is about 10mm wide on the ends. The canvas sits inside the frame with a 5mm gap between the canvas and the frame, creating a shadow effect around the the canvas. The sides of the canvas are no longer visible, just the side of the moulding. Have a look at some of the finished products I have done with these style frames.

I print all my images myself using the latest pigment and latex printers, offering incredible quality and longevity. And because I prep each file for printing myself I know that it will be printed to the highest standard.

The sizes shown are the print size. If you choose a framed print then the overall size will be approx. 15cm bigger on each dimension. i.e. a 75cm x 50cm print will be 90cm x 65cm once framed.

It's a specialty! Doing all my own printing and framing means I'm not tied to set sizes and shapes. If you have space that needs to be filled, then the chances are we will be able to make it happen. Please contact me with your requirements and I'm happy to mock up proofs for you.

All artwork is made to order, if you change your mind I may be able to offer a credit or swap for another product, but cannot provide a cash refund. Please ensure you chose correctly and if you are unsure or have questions then please contact me before ordering for further assistance.

If for any reason you artwork is defective or damaged during transit then I will replace it free of charge.

Unfortunately not, I don't sell my images for personal printing, Businesses and brands who wish to use an image for advertising may be able to license for that purpose.

My standard framing is using 2mm clear glass, but due the risk of breakage I only offer this for pickup. If you would like your framed print shipped then I will use 2mm Plexiglass which is an optically clear acrylic and virtually unbreakable. Other than being lighter than glass (which is a bonus for shipping) you would be hard pushed to tell the difference between the two,

IKEA do a great selection of frames and I started off using them for my own work. They are a great way to start getting something out there for an affordable price.

However, I would buy 10 frames and have to take 8 back to swap them for new ones because they were badly fitted, the glass/acrylic was damaged or they just fell apart when I put my print in them!

The price difference between an IKEA frame and one of mine is not too significant when you consider what you are getting. The mouldings I use are made of wood, not a soft compressed pulp. They are glued and v-nailed together for extra strength. The print is stuck down flat onto a 5mm foamcore backing with an acid free ph neutral matboard, for a solid finish. Finally, it's all put together with framing pins, fully taped back, felt bumpers and a wire hanging system.

By all means give the IKEA frames a go and see if they work for you, I used them for about a year before I started making my own. Although I can make prints to fit IKEA frames I don't offer the service of putting the prints into the IKEA frame.

If you need custom sized frames then definitely get a quote from me.

All my prints, canvases and framed prints come with free delivery Australia Wide. Fully insured and trackable.

If you would like to pick up your artwork in person you are more than welcome to pop into the gallery.

Shipping glass is pretty much a no-no. I've tried it and sometimes it's not pretty! I now use Plexiglass acrylic for all framed prints that require shipping, It's lighter, stronger and pretty much guarantees your print will arrive safely. If you would like glass in your frame then you will need collect.

u can indeed. If I'm not around I can leave your prints in a safe place and you can pick them up at your convienence.

I am only able to ship rolled prints and canvases internationally due to high delivery costs. As prices vary greatly, please contact me for a quote before ordering.