About Me

As a photographer myself I know how frustrating and expensive it can be to try and get your work out there and be able to sell prints. I started off using pro-labs and framing companies to produce a product that I was able to sell at markets around Perth and online, but it soon became apparent that my production costs far exceeded the price I was able to get when selling my prints.

To reduce costs I bought an Epson R3000 A3+ printer and some basic framing tools and taught myself how to make the finished product; this provided a more affordable product, but still had it’s limitations. 

Fast forward to today and I currently have a full working gallery of professional framing equipment, stunning large format printers and the knowledge and experience that you can only get by going through the process of transition (and of course making a few mistakes along the way!).

My goal is to be able to provide a new service to photographers that will enable them to have a high quality product at an affordable price.


Creative Director / Photographer