Limited Edition

Limited Edition Prints

Each image is printed on Canson Rag Photographic paper, a 100% cotton rag using archival quality inks. The print is inspected for any imperfections before being signed, dated and numbered. Limited Edition Prints come in runs of 15 + 3 artist proofs, this ensures that your photograph will not be mass produced and will become a highly sort after piece. As the edition sells out the price will increase accordingly to ensure it's value is maintained for existing customers. A certificate is issued with every print to confirm it's authenticity.


Prints can be framed by ourselves. We have a huge range available to choose from, though I preference is to use Bellini Mouldings for limited edition prints. Your print can either be face mounted on acrylic using the internationally recognised process of Diasec Acrylic Face Mounting or it can be traditionally framed. We are more than happy discuss different options and pricing with you.


When buying a limited edition print you are buying an artwork for life. Should there ever be a fault with the materials, colour or workmanship, then providing the image has been well cared for, i.e. avoiding direct sunlight, humid areas and extreme temperatures, it will be replaced. Your original copy must be returned to us whereby it will be destroyed and a new version printed. The edition number will then be transferred over to the new print.